My experience at Springfield MA Unemployment Office – d.p.r

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): d.p.r
Your Experience: My experience has been the most aggravated experience I have ever had to deal with. My original claim was filed Dec 2013. I finally received my benefits May 2014. In the meantime I took two PT jobs while waiting the 5 long months. I left the PT jobs to attend FT summer semester for (college) and I continue as a FT student till this day. my benefits ceased in May.  I filed an appeal in May it took them until September to set up the hearings with the two employers who withdrew and didn’t show for the hearing and I am still waiting a decision.  Each week I call and am told “I don’t know what is going on with the case”.
“Its with the hearing s officer”. And that’s as far as I go with that office. I never get a return call or an email or a letter.  I am well aware that the decision is to be made within 4 weeks. It is now going into the 8th week. As far as I can see, if the two employers withdrew and didn’t show there shouldn’t be any issue other than the unprofessional handling of my claim from your office.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone from that office give me the decision.  I can be contacted @ 5087655758.  Please note I have been in contact with Governor Duval Patrick’s on many occasions concerning this matter and that is the only time I hear from your office. However the only thing that indicates is that they are abiding the request of the governor.
Your Unemployment Office City: Springfield
Your Unemployment Office State: MA
Your Wait Time: 4 mos for hearing . no decision after 7 wks post hearing

Time: November 16, 2014 at 7:08 pm

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