How Long Do You Have To Work On Your Job To Draw Unemployment?

Q) How Long Do You Have To Work On Your Job To Draw Unemployment? As, I Just Started My Job In A Housekeeping Job At A Hotel And They Are Complaining That I Am Not Fast Enough. I Like My Job And I Clean The Hotel Rooms Spotless. Again, How Long Do You Have To Be Working On Your Job To Draw Unemployment If, Your Boss Fire’s You Are Me? When, I Am Doing All I Know To Do To Try And Pray That I Go Faster Cleaning The Hotel Room That Is My Job.

A) In almost every state, the base period is one year: The earlier four of the five complete calendar quarters before the applicant filed for unemployment. To make sure applicants have done enough recent work to qualify for benefits, states look at their earnings, time worked, or both during the “base period.” Because the base period doesn’t include the quarter in which the applicant files for benefits or the quarter immediately preceding it, it doesn’t count the applicant’s most recent employment.

In calculating the benefit, the majority of states use the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters preceding the quarter when an unemployment claim is filed, otherwise known as the standard base period (SBP). In addition, depending on circumstances, many states use an alternate base period (ABP) which will include twelve-months earnings to the date of the most recently completed quarter. A few states will use a second alternate base period, which includes earnings to date of discharge and the three quarters preceding that.


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