My experience at Richmond KY unemployment office – Anon

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anon
Your Experience: I have not had completely negative experiences.  The counselors will answer your questions.  One in particular prefers to ignore your email queries, but I won’t elaborate on him.  I will say, it would be beneficial if they actually tried to be proactive in helping those of us that are struggling to find employment.  This is where this office gets a low score.  Although they will answer your questions about how much is left on your UEI balance, they will do very little to encourage or assist in job searches or information regarding leads.

I do hope to never have to be in a situation of unemployment ever again.
Your Unemployment Office City: Richmond
Your Unemployment Office State: Kentucky
Your Wait Time: 20 minutes

Time: July 27, 2015 at 10:43 am

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