My experience at Campbellsville KY unemployment office – Anonymous

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anonymous
Your Experience: Not helpful at all. They never have any jobs available. Most everyone I know agree’s that they have never found employment using this place. Phone lines are always messed up or not answered and cant get help with questions. When trying to claim unemployment benefits the certificates on website are invalid and the phone line number is messed up causing delay as well as missed payments and by the time you can reach the office they excuse it by saying their phones were down and make it your problem to jump through hoops just to try to get back pay which always gets declined. How can a business stay open if they aren’t able to help with employment and the other things they are there for? Waste of time…
Your Unemployment Office City: Campbellsville
Your Unemployment Office State: Kentucky
Your Wait Time: depends

Time: March 9, 2015 at 11:58 am

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