Ive filed a claim, and was expecting a phone call interview, on my cell only phone i have, the day she called was when cellphone signal was down due to the ATT issue, when i answered the call dropped, trying many times i couldn’t get a call out to her, that was a Friday,

Q) called her Monday, she said she would get my file and call me back but she did not the following Friday it received a notice to call in with a specific number i tried several times that afternoon only to get voicemail, I left messages, then Monday again many times throughout the day the same thing only able to leave messages, Tuesday was my deadline. and the same thing she never returned my call and never got to speak to her. now its past my deadline, what can I do? can I go to a local office and talk to them?

A) Here’s a breakdown of what you can do:

1. Find Your Local Office:

  • Who to Contact: Depending on the claim type, you’ll need to locate the appropriate agency’s local office. Here are some possibilities:
    • Unemployment: Your state’s department of labor or unemployment office.
    • Disability: Your state’s Social Security Administration office.
    • Other Benefits: Search online for the specific agency related to your claim, and include “[your state] local office” in the search terms.

2. Explain Your Situation:

  • Be Detailed: Explain the timeline of events, your technological difficulties (ATT outage confirmation would be helpful if available), and your numerous attempts to reach your case worker.
  • Politely Express Urgency: Clearly state that the deadline passed due to circumstances outside of your control.
  • Ask for Resolution: Inquire about options like:
    • Deadline Extension: Requesting if the claim deadline can be extended.
    • Re-filing: If possible, ask about re-filing the claim with a new deadline.
    • Appeals process: Inquire about an appeals process if your other options fail.

3. Document Everything:

  • Keep Records: Note down dates, times, and the names of everyone you speak to. Have this information handy throughout the process.

Additional Tips:

  • Prepare Your Paperwork: Bring all relevant documents related to your claim when you visit the office.
  • Go Early: Offices dealing with benefits can get busy, arriving early increases your chance of being seen quickly.
  • Persistence is Key: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get resolution immediately. Be persistent and follow up as needed.

Important Note: It can be frustrating when technology and circumstances get in the way of important matters. Visiting the local office can often provide faster and more effective solutions than phone calls alone.

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