Inquiring on bringing resources to talk with citizen on education

unemployed_personQ) Hi I am the Senior Educational Coordinator for Vatterott College and I was writing to inquire about us being able to bring resources or set up a table to talk with citizens about furthering their education with our college and educate them about all of our programs.

A) In general, it is best to reach out to local community centers or events to see if they allow tables or booths for organizations to set up and provide information to citizens. Additionally, you could also try reaching out to local schools or educational institutions to see if they have any events or programs where you could participate and provide information about your college’s programs. Another option is to advertise your college’s programs through social media or other online channels to reach a wider audience.

You need to contact a representative at the local unemployment to get permission to set up your table. I am sure they would welcome that as there are so many people out of work and need help in developing their skills in order to better compete in the job market.

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