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If you worked for a non-profit and they don’t pay into the system? Are you eligible for unemployment ?

Q) What if you worked for a non-profit in a state where you don’t live and they don’t pay into the system? Are you eligible to collect unemployment ?

A) Unfortunately not all non-profit organizations are required to pay state unemployment insurance taxes, only those that meet specific staffing and wage requirements. These requirements are established and governed at the state level. If the non-profit organization you worked for did not pay into your state unemployment insurance fund you may not be able to claim unemployment benefits. Source:

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  1. Please call Colorado unemployment office to follow up with your inquiries ; Automated system: 303-813-2800 or Toll-Free 1-888-550-2800
    Live support: 303-536-5615

  2. I need to talk to a lady named Mrs. Branch is the Mason County office! Have been calling for days now.

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