Idaho Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility_RequirementsIdaho’s Unemployment Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have sufficient earnings in the base period
  • You must have worked and been paid wages for employment in at least two of the quarters in the base period
    • AND have been paid at least $1,872 in wages in one of those quarters
    • AND the total wages paid in your base period must equal one and a quarter times your highest quarter wages

You must be ready, willing and able to take any offer of suitable work. To be eligible, you must be:

  • ABLE TO WORK: You must be physically able to work full time.
  • AVAILABLE FOR WORK: You must be ready to go to work.
  • ACTIVELY SEEKING WORK: You must try to find full-time work each week in accordance with the work-seeking requirements you received when you filed your claim.
  • You MUST keep a personal record of your job contacts. This must include the employer name, address, phone number, person contacted, date of contact and the results of the job contact.
  • If you are job attached, you must maintain contact with your employer and return as soon as work becomes available.
  • OUT OF WORK THROUGH NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN: You must have been laid off due to lack of work, voluntarily quit with good cause connected with the employment or been discharged but not for misconduct. read more

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