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I was being yelled at.. can I collect unemployment?

Q) I quit my job because I was lied to about my wages among other things from the person who hired me. I was being yelled at from a fellow employee who claimed to be manager can I collect unemployment?

A) Generally, if you quit your job, you are not eligible for unemployment. You receive unemployment when you are laid off due to lack of work. If you quit, that’s voluntary on your part. However, if you are forced to quit because of hostile working conditions, you may still qualify for benefits. Under the legal concept of “constructive discharge,” an employee who is forced to quit is treated as if he or she was fired — and will be eligible to collect unemployment.

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  1. I was fired from my job due to me not doing a job that consist of 3 men to do as I looked up two guys were standing behind me watching me work as I asked if they would help they turned as round and ignored me at that time I went to the office and reportres the incident and while there that supervisor that stood thwrs qChing me walked up ask me sighn a write up for not doing as he said this i told the. I was S going to clock out I had been there an hour and a half pasr my normal hours and I was see if you click out your fires I I did as as I got up next morni g called work they said I no longer has a job. So I filed for unemployment almost 18 weeks ago and never got denied and or received a check and still fine my weekly claims what

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  1. Please call Colorado unemployment office to follow up with your inquiries ; Automated system: 303-813-2800 or Toll-Free 1-888-550-2800
    Live support: 303-536-5615

  2. I need to talk to a lady named Mrs. Branch is the Mason County office! Have been calling for days now.

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