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I need to file a W-4V. WHERE DO I SEND IT???

unemployed_personQ) I need to file a W-4V (for unemployment benefit payments) form to change my taxation status for this year (2014). I have the form and can send it by mail or by internet. Do I have or need a Claim or identification number??? WHERE DO I SEND IT??? Thank you for the help, Eve M******

A) According to IRS website (states on form W-4V) For withholding on social security benefits, give or send the completed Form W-4V to your local Social Security Administration office.

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  1. I have been recently fired from my job at Cosmo Prof. I feel like I was wrongfully terminated because of several reasons. First, the store manager Jackie found out I was pregnant, and everything changed from that point on, probably because I was sick my whole first trimester. I worked long hours and closed the store by myself on a regular basis. I never called in as they have done many of times.
    Although I was able to push through that and work reguardless, she started treating me differently on a daily basis. She did several other inappropriate things; however, my main issue is that I no longer am employed and I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be eligible to work wherever I have to. In this case I honestly feel wronged because the reason Jackie, the store manager, fires me “she said “, was because I was late, on a Sunday when we don’t open until noon but I was there at 10:30 instead of 10:15. She also said it was because I took a 45 minute lunch break on 7/21/17, which was the Friday before the Sunday she terminated me, not recognizing the fact that I was working a 9-10 hour shift that day, and the fact that I never do that any other time. She came into Cosmo Prof on 7/22/17 which was the Saturday before I was terminated and we talked. She never said anything about me getting terminated nor did she call me Sunday morning to tell me not to come in. Therefore; she not only cost me the gas money it costs me to get there and back to home, she waisted my time.
    Finally, I’m going to get to Friday morning. Jackie was there that morning and had left early due to her being sick, however; before she goes to the “Urgent Treatment Center”, she felt well enough to ask me to come in the back with her as she wanted to know who David Narramore was to me. As many of us know, David has been plastered all over the news because of some incident he was supposedly involved in, while he was in Kingsport TN. He is my Uncle, however I don’t speak to him anymore from years prior. She immediately started making jokes and it seemed like she was judging me because of my relation to him. I felt very uncomfortable telling Jackie anything about that situation simply because she involves herself into situations where she’s not needed, and then I feel as if she uses the information you tell her against you later on. I feel like she pressured me into a lot of decisions I wouldn’t have normally made, because I honestly feared of loosing my job and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find another job while I’m pregnant. I have several of other issues I could go on and on about, however; this is my main concern. Thank you for your time and I hope I have something to work with.

  2. Calling now…been on hold for 28 minutes and still holding. Wanted to speak to someone there about helping my daughter with a WIA grant. Wish they would answer the phone to assist me.

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