i currently am living in Enterprise Ala and i am a felon and currently on probation i was wondering if someone could help me find a job or get training to find a good paying job so i can get caught up on my probation fees and child support.

A) I understand you’re looking for employment and training options in Enterprise, Alabama while on probation. Here are some resources that can help:

  • Alabama Career Center: The Alabama Career Center in Enterprise can assist with job searching, resume writing, and career counseling. They can also help you explore training programs that fit your interests and background. They are open weekdays from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You can call them at (334) 347-0044 or visit their website at Alabama Department of Labor Career Center.
  • HNS Staffing & Temporary Services: This staffing agency specializes in connecting job seekers with employers in the area. While they may not have programs specifically for those on probation, they can help you find temporary or permanent work. Call them at (334) 274-3851 or visit their website at HNS Staffing.

Additional Considerations:

  • Be Upfront About Your Background: It’s important to be honest about your criminal history during the application process. Many employers conduct background checks, so transparency is key. Focus on your skills and qualifications while explaining the situation.
  • Probation Officer as a Resource: Your probation officer may have access to job training or placement programs specifically designed for individuals on probation. They may also be able to offer guidance on navigating the job search while following the terms of your probation.

Remember: There are employers who are willing to hire individuals with a criminal background. Focus on highlighting your strengths and willingness to work hard. Good luck in your job search!

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