I answered a question incorrectly, now i need to correct it.

unemployed_personA) If you need to correct an answer on your unemployment claim, you should contact your state’s unemployment office as soon as possible. They should be able to assist you with making the necessary corrections to your claim.

You may be able to correct your answer online through your state’s unemployment website, or you may need to speak with a representative from the unemployment office by phone or in person. Make sure you have all of the necessary information and documentation available when you contact the office, including your claim number, personal identification information, and any documentation related to the correction you need to make.

It’s important to correct any errors or mistakes on your unemployment claim as soon as possible, as errors or discrepancies may delay the processing of your claim or even result in a denial of benefits.

Unemployment offices get a lot of calls daily as there are currently millions of people unemployed and filing claims. I recommend calling again and if after several attempts you are not successful visit your nearest unemployment office and speak with a counselor. They will assist you in making the correction on your application.


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