I am unsure how to put my employer info on application. I worked 6 months for temp, then hired for one year.

Q) I am unsure how I should put my employer information on the application. The company i worked for only hired through temp agencies, for 6 months I worked through a temp agency at the company. After the six months, I was hired on “full time” with the actual company. Since i was working for the company for the entire year, do I put that 1 year at the company? or 6 months since I was through a temp agency for the first 6 months?

A) I would recommend that you put the full 12 months on your application. Even though you were initially hired through a temp agency, you were still working for the company the entire time. You were just under a different type of employment contract.

It’s important to be honest on your application, but it’s also important to highlight your skills and experience. By listing the full 12 months, you’re showing the employer that you have a year of experience with the company, which is valuable.

If the employer has any questions about your employment, you can explain that you were initially hired through a temp agency, but that you were eventually hired on full-time.

It is very important that you provide accurate information on your work history when applying for unemployment insurance benefits. In your situation you worked for 2 companies. The temp company for 6 months then the company that hired you for one year. So you should list both companies along with the start and end date you worked at each company.

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