I am receiving unemployment checks. Need to let NJ DOL know that I am now employed.

A) To notify the New Jersey Department of Labor (NJ DOL) that you are now employed while receiving unemployment benefits, you can follow these steps:

Visit the NJ DOL website: Go to the official website of the New Jersey Department of Labor at https://myunemployment.nj.gov/.

Log in to your account: If you have an existing account, log in using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, create one by following the registration process.

Access your unemployment claim: Once logged in, navigate to your unemployment claim information. Look for an option like “My Benefits” or “Claim Status” to access your claim details.

Update your employment status: Within your claim information, you should find an option to update your employment status. Look for a section or link that allows you to report your new employment.

Provide employment details: Enter the necessary information about your new job, including the employer’s name, address, contact information, your job title, and start date. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information.

Follow any additional instructions: The NJ DOL may have specific instructions for reporting your employment. Pay attention to any prompts or guidance they provide during the process.

Submit the update: Once you have entered all the required information, review it for accuracy, and submit the update.

Await further instructions: After submitting the update, the NJ DOL may review your information and make adjustments to your unemployment benefits. They may contact you for additional verification or provide further instructions if needed.

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about the process, consider contacting the NJ DOL directly. They should have contact information available on their website, such as phone numbers or email addresses, where you can seek assistance or clarification regarding reporting your employment status while receiving unemployment benefits in New Jersey.

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