How is benefit determined if you file in one state and move to another?

unemployed_personQ) How is your benefit determined if you register/file in one state (CA) and then move to another (WA) while still seeking employment? The maximum weekly benefit in the two states is different.

A) If you file for unemployment benefits in one state (e.g., California) and then move to another state (e.g., Washington) while still seeking employment, your benefit amount will be based on the state where you filed your initial claim. The amount of benefits you receive is calculated using a formula that takes into account your earnings during a specific time period. This formula varies by state, so if you move to a state with a different maximum weekly benefit amount, your benefit amount will not change. However, the duration of your benefits may be affected if the state you move to has different rules regarding the maximum length of time you can receive benefits.

It’s important to note that if you move to a new state, you may be required to register with the unemployment office in that state and meet their specific requirements for maintaining your eligibility. You should contact the unemployment office in the state you are moving to as soon as possible to find out what steps you need to take to continue receiving benefits.

You must file benefits in the state in which you were employed. You unemployment insurance benefit amount will be determined by the state in which you applied and was employed.

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