Hi there, can I please submit my work search history via fax because the website keeps glitching? Also, I need to speak with a representative about backdating my payments. I did not receive my eligibility letter until January 31, 2024

Q) I was offered a sales position with Keller Williams-Roswell, but I have to go through training to obtain my license. They are paying for the training, but it’s not a paid training per say. I have 75 credit hours to complete. Does my training count as work activity? I have been on hold with your office for 1:03:45 now.

A) I understand your frustration and I want to help. Unfortunately, I don’t have the specific information or access needed to address your questions directly or submit your work search history. However, I can provide some guidance and resources that may be helpful.

Submitting your work search history:

  • Check for alternative submission methods: While faxing might be an option in some cases, it’s generally considered outdated and less secure than other methods. Check the official website or contact your local unemployment office to see if there are alternative submission methods available, such as uploading documents online, emailing scanned copies, or submitting them in person.
  • Contact your local unemployment office: Explain the website issue and ask about alternative submission methods for your work search history. They might be able to guide you through a different process or accept your documents manually.

Speaking with a representative about backdating:

  • Try alternative contact methods: While waiting on hold, you can try contacting your local unemployment office through other channels, such as email, online chat, or social media. This might get you to a representative faster.
  • Gather necessary documentation: Before speaking with a representative, have your eligibility letter, work search history, and any other relevant documentation readily available. This will help answer their questions and expedite the process.
  • Explain your situation clearly: When you reach a representative, clearly explain your situation, including the delay in receiving your eligibility letter, your work search history, and the details about your training at Keller Williams-Roswell.

Training as work activity:

  • Consult your local unemployment office: The eligibility of your training as work activity depends on your specific program and location. The best way to get a definitive answer is to contact your local unemployment office and explain the details of your training program.

Additional resources:

Remember, each state has its own policies and procedures regarding unemployment benefits. I recommend contacting your local unemployment office for the most accurate and up-to-date information specific to your situation.

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