My experience at Gwinnett County GA unemployment office – Scarlet

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Scarlet
Your Experience: The security guard and the woman at red drop box were extreamly rude to my self and other clients.One man stated that he needed his 7 year work history and she kept saying ” put it in the box and have a seat” it took another rep to advise him that he needs to go to another office When he asked for address she and security became annoyed
.The security guard then told him to come over and asked if he knew how to read a map.He attempted to draw a map but client insisted on address .After the security guard ignored mans request he finally looked it up.This behavior between clearl n security agent on for some time .They where loud inappropriate and sang loudly on the floor.When clerk went to break security trailed behind leaving no one to attended door.I asked for a supervisor and was asked to fill out a form.when he saw what I was doing he became annoyed and tried to explain behavior .I asked him to politely leave me to what I was doing and he became upset telling me to “have a seat in the back” Another clearl had to ask him to leave me alone and explain my reason for standing.I felt very embarrassed by this display of disrespect and left shortly after.
Your Unemployment Office County: Gwinnett
Your Unemployment Office State: Georgia
Your Wait Time: 1hr 45min

Time: April 29, 2015 at 10:12 pm

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