Georgia Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility

Eligibility_RequirementsIf you have worked or earned wages in the state of Georgia in the past 2 years and have lost your job, you may be eligibility for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. You can file a Georgia Internet claim.

If you reside in Georgia and have not earned Georgia wages in the past two years but earned wages in another state, go to a GDOL career center to obtain information for filing a claim against the proper state. We will also register you for employment services.

If you reside outside the state of Georgia and have not earned Georgia wages in the past two years, contact the State Workforce Agency in your state of residence to file your claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

  • You must be totally separated from your job; or
  • You still have a job, however, your employer has reduced your hours of work; or
  • You have lost your regular full-time job, but are still working a part-time or temporary job where you earn less than your weekly benefit amount; or
  • You are working part-time or reduced hours while receiving UI and a total separation has happened.

Affidavit to Verify Lawful Presence in the U.S.
Georgia law requires all applicants for any type of unemployment benefits who are 18 years of age or older sign an affidavit attesting they are (1) a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident or (2) a non-citizen legally present in the United States.

You must provide valid government-issued picture identification to complete the affidavit. Employment Authorization Document(s) are also required for non-citizens. Your registration with the Department of Homeland Security must be verified before UI benefits can be paid, if eligible. read more

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