Florida Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility

To be eligible for Florida Unemployment Insurance benefits, also known as Reemployment Assistance, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Florida.
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own. This means you must have lost your job due to reasons beyond your control, such as a layoff, company closure, or natural disaster. You are not eligible if you were fired for misconduct or quit your job without good cause.
  • Have worked in Florida during the past 12 months (this period may be longer in some cases). You must have earned enough wages during this time to qualify for benefits. The minimum amount of wages required to qualify changes each year, but it is currently around $3,400.
  • Be able and available to work. This means you must be actively looking for a new job and be willing to accept suitable work when offered.
  • Register for work with CareerSource Florida. This is Florida’s state workforce agency, and you must register with them to be eligible for benefits.

Additional requirements may apply depending on your individual circumstances.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

How to apply for Florida Unemployment Insurance Benefits:

  1. Create a Reemployment Assistance account. You can do this online at the FloridaJobs.org website.
  2. File your claim for benefits. You can do this online, by phone, or in person at a CareerSource Florida office.
  3. Attend a Reemployment Assistance Orientation. This is a mandatory meeting where you will learn more about the program and how to find a job.
  4. Start looking for work. You must be actively looking for a new job to be eligible for benefits. You must keep a record of your job search activities and be prepared to provide them to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity upon request.
  5. Claim your benefits weekly. You must claim your benefits online or by phone each week that you are unemployed.

How long will I receive benefits?

The length of time you can receive benefits depends on your wages and the unemployment rate in Florida. The maximum amount of benefits you can receive is 26 weeks, but you may be eligible for fewer weeks depending on your circumstances.

How much will I receive in benefits?

The amount of benefits you receive each week will be based on your wages in the past year. The minimum benefit amount is currently $35 per week, and the maximum benefit amount is currently $275 per week.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about Florida Unemployment Insurance Benefits, you can contact the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity at 1-800-204-2418. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on the FloridaJobs.org website.

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