First time applicant, I cannot get through to the unemployment Office

unemployed_personQ) I am a first time applicant. I finally received an email back from the local state office. A rep confirmed that I should qualify and told me to follow the links in their website. I cannot get anywhere with it. I cannot get through to any one through the automated system, nor will the site allow me to apply through it. I cannot find an actual State employment office to go to in person. I am wondering if the injury I experienced back in 2008, causing me to miss miss the 13 consecutive weeks as their site questioned in the application process;if I will also not be able to come apply to the state employment dept’s. local affiliate? I have all the information the states site needs regarding 2008. trying to avoid going to my local career center, wait a few hours and be told I cannot apply with the c. center; unless it is a necessary step. I just lost a job that I worked full time for over 2 years. Any guidance/ answers would be much appreciated. First timer!

A) You need to visit your local unemployment office and get assistance in completing your application.

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