Am I eligible for help from the program “Feds help laid off workers’.

unemployed_personQ) I’m an aircraft Liaison Engineer.I was laid off from Boeing Everett after working on contract on the 787 program for four and a half years. I live in King County and would like to find out if I eligible for any help from the program described in the Seattle Times headed “Feds help laid off workers’. My local worksource office know nothing about it. I would appreciate it if you can direct me to where I find out my status on this issue. I can send you a copy of the article. Many thanks, Mike B*****.

A) According to the article in on Seattle Times“Thanks to a federal program lined up by their unions, local workers laid off during the current dip in employment at Boeing Commercial Airplanes will enjoy a financial cushion that’s much, much plumper than what the average unemployed state resident gets.” You need to contact your local union regarding your benefits in the program.

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