My experience at Trinidad CO unemployment office – Taxpayer

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Taxpayer
Your Experience: Unemployed Client’s are subject to Private conversation of staff.  Its hard to hear staff discuss  they better accept the 8.00 job  They do not walk in our shoes.  They do not realize we are forced to hear  there personal gossip  I’m there to find work in the worse economy.  They talk about each other when someone is gone.  Its a dream job! Statistically they are overstaffed based on observation someone needs to see what they don’t do vs what they could do.  I was so upset with the lack of professionalism I called them I told to build a wall so I don’t have to listen to gossip as I try to look for work.  The dirt on the keyboards is nasty. Maybe they can clean them?  Thank you for allowing my observations. I even advised someday someone may record them as they are so out of touch with real world issues and how they are viewed by the public.
Your Unemployment Office City: Trinidad
Your Unemployment Office State: CO
Your Wait Time: na

Time: May 19, 2015 at 1:35 pm

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