Longmont CO Unemployment Office – 1500 Kansas Avenue

Longmont Workforce Center
1500 Kansas Avenue,
Longmont, CO, 80501
Phone: (303) 651-1510
Job search assistance
Career counseling
Training programs
Resume and cover
letter writing assistance
  • The Longmont CO Unemployment Office is also known as the Longmont Workforce Center . It is a local branch of the Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development that provides various services to assist employers and job seekers alike.
  • The address of the Longmont Workforce Center is 1500 Kansas Avenue, Longmont, CO, 80501. The phone number is (303) 651-1510.
  • The Longmont Workforce Center offers free services such as job listings, computer and internet access, career counseling and training, recruitment and referral, tax credits and reimbursement, and more. Customers can choose either self-service or staff-assisted options to meet their employment needs.
  • The Longmont Workforce Center has a team of Career Counselors who can help job seekers with local employment, training, and educational opportunities, as well as any available funding. They can also help clients improve their interviewing skills and resume.
  • The Longmont Workforce Center also has a team of Business Services Representatives who can help employers with funding and training opportunities, as well as recruiting, hiring, and retaining skilled talent.
  • The Longmont Workforce Center is closed on government holidays. Please contact the center or visit their website for more information on hours of operation and closures.

Services provided at the location:

  • Help with filing unemployment claims
  • Job search assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Training programs

What you can contact the unemployment office for questions about:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Job search assistance
  • Career counseling
  • Training programs

Other nearby unemployment offices:

  • Boulder Job Center – 1300 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80301, USA
  • Greeley Job Center – 1020 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631, USA

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