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Can I go away on vacation out of state while filing unemployment?

Q) Can I go away on vacation out of state while filing unemployment. I have had a phone interview in which I will hear by Friday, also have applied for several jobs. I am a teacher assistant and jobs do not begin until September. I use a Job board that lists openings for most schools in my district. Since its all a waiting game I should be able to go away right?

A) Once approved for unemployment benefits you must be ready and available to work and also applying for work while receiving benefits.

“In exchange for unemployment benefits, you are bound to follow certain rules regarding what you need to do — which typically includes looking for a new job — as well as rules about what you shouldn’t do, such as failing to report any earned income other than unemployment benefits.”


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  1. I’ve been calling for weeks to try to get some help with my PIN number being suspended and my account being locked! Cannot get through on the phone and I have left several messages and still haven’t heard anything! I can’t even get my benefits for this week cause of my account!

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