How can I get proof that I am no longer receiving Unemployment Insurance?

unemployed_personQ) How can I get proof that I am no longer receiving UI? The online doesn’t offer a printout that includes my name and SSN and when I called I was told that unemployment was no longer mailing these letters!

A) There are a few ways to obtain proof that you are no longer receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefits:

  1. Contact your state’s unemployment insurance agency: You can contact the agency that handles unemployment insurance in your state and request a notice of benefit payment history. This document will show the dates that you received UI benefits and the amount of each payment. If you are no longer receiving benefits, the notice will show a zero balance.
  2. Check your UI account online: Many states offer an online portal where you can view your UI account information, including your benefit payment history. Log in to your account and check if your benefit payments have stopped.
  3. Look for correspondence from the unemployment office: If you have recently stopped receiving UI benefits, you may receive a letter or email from the unemployment office notifying you that your benefits have ended. This correspondence can serve as proof that you are no longer receiving benefits.
  4. Contact your bank: If you were receiving UI benefits via direct deposit, you can contact your bank and request a statement showing any recent deposits. If there are no recent deposits from your state’s unemployment agency, this can serve as proof that your benefits have ended.
  5. Contact your former employer: In some cases, your former employer may receive a notice from the unemployment agency when your benefits end. You can contact your former employer and request a copy of any correspondence they received regarding your unemployment benefits.

Keep in mind that the specific documentation required as proof may vary depending on the situation, so it’s best to check with the organization or individual requesting the proof to ensure you provide the necessary information.

Visit your local unemployment office and speak with a counselor regrading your need for this document. They may be able to customize a letter for you.


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