My experience at Lancaster CA unemployment office – Brandi

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Brandi Mangarin
Your Experience: Good morning, Went to this Lancaster Unemployment office this morning 6/16/2015.  I am 48 years old and have never been to an unemployment office ever in my life. I recently lost my job due to the death of a client. So I went in to apply for unemployment. I was guided to a computer not knowing why. I sat there for a few moments and stood up to ask for help. The young Hispanic lady was very helpful and so was the African American gentleman. I proceeded to fill out the online application that took approximately 20 to 30 min to fill out. During that period there was a younger Caucasian gentleman sitting with the other two employees bashing all the people walking in your facility. Saying out loud how all these people walking in look like they have never worked in their life and that they all dress lazy wearing flip flops like they’ve never been on an interview in their life. I was so embarrassed for him and the people that had to sit near him and hear his insults. I have worked my entire life and have never used assistance for any means. For this young man to judge people out loud and so rudely, he has no business working for an organization such as this. Thank you for your time. Brandi Mangarin
Your Unemployment Office City: Lancaster
Your Unemployment Office State: CA
Your Wait Time: 5 min

Time: June 16, 2015 at 12:46 pm

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