Been laid off, been on disability due to treatment for cancer.

unemployed_personQ) I had been laid off from work and after that I have been on disability due to treatment for cancer. The disability benefits have finished. Now I am looking for a job but need my unemployment benefits in the interim.How do I file for unemployment benefits in this situation? What should I give as my last day of work and how to explain why I did not file for disability right away after the layoff. Do I give the end date of my disability as a last day of work? It does not make sense. Could someone advise?

A) You can always apply for unemployment. However you must meet your states qualifying requirements in order to receive benefits. However, unless you have been medically cleared to return to work, you will more that likely be denied until you are. In order to collect unemployment, you must be able to work, actively looking for work, and able to accept work if offered. Please call your local unemployment office for more clarification.

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