am I exempt from the work search requirements since I will be returning for work when the weather allows in the spring,

unemployed_personQ) I retired at 60 years old from my career job in Jan. of 2014 and took a part time job as a grounds keeper at a local cemetery and we work from approximately May through September. I have filed a claim and been approved for benefits, but, have not actually claimed benefits as of yet. My question is, am I exempt from the work search requirements since I will be returning for work when the weather allows in the spring, I’m not sure that whole process is worth $104 per week to me. Thank you for your consideration.

A) The answer to this question depends on the specific work search requirements in your jurisdiction and the circumstances of your situation. In general, if you are temporarily laid off or furloughed and expect to return to work with the same employer when weather conditions allow, you may be exempt from work search requirements during the period of your layoff.

However, it’s important to note that the specific rules and requirements can vary by jurisdiction and program, and some programs may require that you continue to search for work during a layoff or furlough, even if you expect to return to the same job. Additionally, some programs may have specific eligibility criteria related to the length of the layoff or the nature of the weather-related shutdown.

To determine whether you are exempt from work search requirements during a weather-related layoff, you should contact the unemployment office in your jurisdiction and ask about the specific requirements and rules that apply to your situation. They can provide you with more information on any exemptions or requirements that may apply and help you understand what you need to do to remain eligible for benefits.

One of the conditions on getting unemployment insurance benefits is that you must be actively seeking work while collecting benefits.

General Requirements for Unemployment Benefits

Be totally or partially unemployed.
Be unemployed through no fault of his/her own.
Be physically able to work.
Be available for work which means to be ready and willing to immediately accept work.
Be actively looking for work.
Meet eligibility requirements each week benefits are claimed.
Be approved for training before training benefits can be paid.

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