Albertville AL Unemployment Office

Where is Albertville AL Unemployment Office located?

Located in Marshall County
Albertville Affiliate Career Center
5920 U S Highway 431 North
Albertville, AL 35950
Phone: (256)878-3031
Map Address

Albertville AL Unemployment Career Center Office provide individuals seeking employment all the latest tools to find and keep that special job. Employers will find assistance in recruiting new employees including a national job listing network, applicant screening, and space in the centers to conduct testing and employment interviews.

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    Q) I still do not have my 1099G from my unemployment last year. It’s getting a little late to be filing taxes. I’ve checked several times on the website it continues to tell me that it doesn’t recognize my email address. It will not let me in. I have tried every day for several months. Could you please send me […]
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    Q) Please look into my records please let me know what’s going on went so long with no money struggling I went to the unemployment office in Lewisburg was approved for unemployment even got the debit card in mail your records show a deposit made April last year but to this day I have yet to see any of my […]

How can I contact the ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR to file my claim for Unemployment Benefits?

What Alabama Department Of Labor services can I access online?

  • You can File a new unemployment claim
  • File your Quarterly Work Schedule Reports
  • Make tax payments
  • Upload a report of injury
  • Find jobs in Alabama
  • View information on Alabama’s employment, unemployment, wages etc
  • Open and access encrypted emails from ADOL.

How can I file An Appeal Of The Alabama Examiner’s Determination? 

If for some reason you did not agree with the decision made by the Alabama Department of Labor on your filing for Unemployment Benefits you can file an appeal of the Examiner’s determination to the Hearings and Appeals Division. Your appeal should be mailed or faxed to:

Alabama Department of Labor
Hearings and Appeals Division
649 Monroe Street, Room 4677
Montgomery, Alabama  36131
Fax: (334) 956-5891

  • …they fired her for being absent can she get unemployment
    Q) My wife work at a place called g******  bo***e she is a Month and half pregnant she have missed a few day from work because she be feeling sick and now they fired her for being absent can she get unemployment A) In order for your wife to get unemployment insurance benefits she must meet your state unemployment benefit requirements – […]
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  • After 23 years of work my employer…intends to eliminate my position.
    Q) After 23 years of work my employer has less work for me and intends to eliminate my position. In lieu of termination he offered to reduce my hours ( from 40 to 24 per week) without benefits. If I accept the reduced hours but I decided it is unsuitable for me after a few weeks (due to lower pay, […]
  • Am I able to apply for my Unemployment from my home computer?
    Q) Am I able to apply for my Unemployment from my home computer? A) All State Unemployment Offices now provide an online application form to claim your benefits. Please click on the links provided to locate your State online application website. Keep in mind, before you file it is always best to check with your state unemployment office to determine the […]
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