The company I work for in Cincinnati, OH is closing the plant that I have worked at for 22 years. I have paid into a union pension fund over the years. and I am going to draw my pension each month, which is $1,800 monthly. I also going to file for unemployment benefits the beginning of August 2024. My question is, does my pension negatively affect my unemployment benefits?

A) Whether your pension affects your unemployment benefits depends on how much your employer contributed to the pension fund:

  • If your employer contributed 50% or more to the pension fund: In this case, the amount you receive from your pension may be deducted dollar-for-dollar from your weekly unemployment benefit amount.
  • If you contributed more to the pension fund than your employer: The pension generally won’t be deducted from your unemployment benefits.

Here are some resources to help you determine how much your employer contributed (if you don’t already know):

  • Your pension plan documents
  • Your union representative
  • Your employer’s human resources department

It’s important to note that these rules can vary by state.

In general, even if your pension is deducted from your unemployment benefits, you should still apply. Unemployment benefits are meant to provide temporary financial assistance while you search for a new job, and even a reduced benefit amount may be helpful.

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