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Sending emergency request, never receieved unemployment before

unemployed_personQ) I was recently laid off on April 3 of 2014 by rooster property preservation. company and I was employed by this company for the last 2 years here in Birmingham Alabama I submitted. a application fir unemployment because I will b evicted and become homeless with no family or friends the will b able to help me so this is why I an sending thus emergency request for response about this matter because I have never receieved unemployment before thank u for it time pleas look forward from hearing back ASAP about the matter through my email thank you

A) Please visit your local Unemployment Office as soon as possible and apply for your unemployment insurance benefits. You can also apply on line in Alabama.

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514 Responses to Tell Us Your Experience At Your Local Unemployment Office

  1. I have not worked in nine years. I keep getting letters from Michigan Dept of Labor saying they are offering me more unemployment money, You can’t go to their office, it seems to be closed, you can’t talk to anyone on the phone, you just get a recording telling you to go online and appeal to get more benefits.
    I mailed in and emailed in and faxed in fraud reports, I get back a nice letter telling me how to file to get more benefits.
    Now I get a 1099 for $5,500.00 that I am supposed to pay tax on.
    So I sent another fraud report and today I get a letter from them saying I am approved for more benefits and how to appeal their decision and try to get een more benefits.
    I have received no money from them, I asked where they were sending the money, no reply. They have my address to send me info on getting more benefits, so where are they sending the money?
    China? Russia? This is pure insanity.

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