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  1. Hello. I am currently working but would like to find emploment in a job that is always in demand. My current employer is showing no long time work. I have a certification in phlebotomy and would like to further a career in this. Will have to do otj training which is fine. If you could help me get started on this it would be helpful. Online job applications are to confusing and take to long. Something always goes wrong when doing them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. I was filing again and am still in my year window which expires 6/24/17.
    I received Unemployment benefits from about First week of July till 12/31/16. At that time I contacted the EDD Unemp. office and asked when or if I can apply again and I was told 5 days before or up to the day before 6/24/17 to gain unemployment again.
    I did on 6/20/17 and was interrogated by a woman drill instructor who was extremely RUDE in her questioning as she would not even give me the consideration to listed to me.
    I called the Unemployment office in Mission Viejo and requested the person there to please call me (2x) no response as of 6/21/17.I am going over to that office at about 10:30 am 6/21/17.
    I was previously told that EDD would reapply and start at the point where I last worked and review my pay which was increased fro the amount used in 2016′ unemployment figure and my hours which were almost full time when I was laid off at Sports Chalet, when they closed all their stores In California. The drill instructor turned me down after 2 other EDD people said I was still able to get benefits. I was told “just appeal”!

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