North Carolina Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility_RequirementsUnemployment Insurance provides temporary financial assistance to qualified individuals who meet eligibility requirements of State law. Each person who collects Unemployment Insurance benefits is legally responsible for making sure he or she follows the rules set by state law.

The program is not a right to all who have lost their job.

Keep these top ten key facts in mind when you are filing for North Carolina Unemployment Benefits to ensure accurate and quick payment of benefits:

1.  Accurately Report the Reason You Are Unemployed. Accurately report your reason for separation from your job when you initially file your claim for benefits.

2.  Report Any Wages You Are Earning. You must report your gross wages for each week you work. Report on all earnings – including part-time or temporary work.

3.  Register with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions. For assistance with re-employment, you may register with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions at

4.  Be Available for Work. In order to collect benefits, you must continually verify that you are able, available and willing to accept suitable work.

5.  Actively Search for Work. You must search for work each week or benefits may be denied. You must also keep a record of your work search contacts.

6.  Develop an Effective Work Search Plan. Contact the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions for help with planning an effective work search. read more

Base Period: Your base period is the time frame used to determine whether you are monetarily eligible to receive unemployment payments. It normally includes the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters.

Benefit Year
Your benefit year is the 52-week period from the date you register for work and first file a valid claim.

Wages used to establish a claim for Unemployment Insurance benefits
Any wages used to establish eligibility for UI benefits must be earned in employment that is covered by the Employment Security Law. This means that the employer must be subject to Unemployment Insurance tax.

Total weeks of Unemployment Insurance benefits
You can receive between 5 and 20 weeks of regular Unemployment Insurance benefits in North Carolina

Maximum weekly benefit amount
You may receive the maximum amount of $350 per week. Your weekly Unemployment Insurance benefit amount is based on the last two completed quarters in your base period divided by 52 and rounded down to the next whole dollar.

Who pays the UI benefits
Benefits are paid from the North Carolina’s Unemployment Insurance Fund, which is funded by a tax paid by employers.

How unemployment Insurance Benefits are paid
You will generally receive your unemployment payments by direct deposit or debit card.

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