Socorro NM Unemployment Career Center Office 

Socorro Workforce Connection
Socorro County
109 Faulkner Rd
Socorro, NM 87801
Phone: 575-835-0067
Fax: 575-835-9557
One-Stop Career Centers
Job search assistance
Resume and interview help
Skills assessments
Networking opportunities
Business services

Socorro NM Unemployment Career Center Office provide individuals seeking employment all the latest tools to find and keep that special job. Employers will find assistance in recruiting new employees including a national job listing network, applicant screening, and space in the centers to conduct testing and employment interview.

What is required of me to get NM Unemployment Insurance Benefits?

  • You must register for work services within 14 days of filing your claim for UI benefits.
  • You must develop a good work search plan.
  • You must register for work on NM Department of Workforce Solutions website
  • You must actively search for work while on UI Benefits.
  • You must report all income (part time or full time) if you get a job.
  • As soon as you begin working full-time, you must discontinue certifying for benefits.
  • For assistance you can call a UI Call 1-877-664-6984 or visit

What do I need to file my NM Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claim?

You will need the following information to file your claim:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your Mailing address and phone number(s) of employer(s) you worked for in last 18 months.
  • The starting and ending dates of your last job (or jobs if more than one employer in last 18 months)
  • If you are a non-citizen, have your alien registration number and expiration date.
  • If you worked during the week you are filing your claim, be sure you know the gross amount (total dollars and cents before any deductions) of your pay before filing
  • Pencil and paper to write down questions and instructions

How do I apply for NM unemployment Insurance Benefits?

  • You can apply online at
  • You apply over the phone by calling 1-877-664-6984 Monday-Friday, 7:00am-4:30pm.

What is the Maximum unemployment insurance benefit I can get in New Mexico?

  • The maximum WBA for 2022 is $514.00 per week.
  • The the minimum WBA is $96.00 per week.
  • The minimum qualifying wage for 2022 is $2,332.72.

When do I file for my NM Unemployment Insurance Benefits during the week?

  • You can file on Sundays to Fridays 24 hours a day online at
  • OR over the phone at 1-877-664-6984 Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm.

Does NM help me to find a job while on unemployment insurance benefits?

Yes! you will get assistance finding a job!

  • New Mexico Workforce Connection assist you with work search.
  • Their Online System has thousands of jobs with employers looking to hire.
  • You can call your local New Mexico Workforce Connection Center for further assistance.

What help can I get at a NM Mexico Workforce Connection local office?

  • You can get assistance in writing your professional Resumes.
  • Get training and resources to help upgrade your skills;
  • Get job interview tips including how to present yourself as a strong, confident candidate;
  • Get help answering difficult questions about your work history.
  • Get help overcoming barriers that may be preventing you from getting a job.

Where can I go to get other help, while trying to find a job in New Mexico?

  • Visit the State of New Mexico website for additional assistance.
  • You can also visit, that list agencies offering help with food, shelter, medical, dental, and mental health care, child care and more.

How do I contact New Mexico Workforce Connection?

NM Unemployment Insurance Claims Phone Number:  1-877-NM4-MYUI (1-877-664-6984)
Claims and Tax Fax Number: 505-841-8636
Unemployment Insurance Claim Appeals Phone: 1-800-227-7325
Unemployment Insurance Claim Appeals Fax: 505-841-8636
Overpayments/ Collections Phone number: 1-877-664-6984

Physical Address
401 Broadway NE Albuquerque NM 87102

Mailing Address
PO Box 1928 Albuquerque, NM 87103


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