I am looking for employment. I have past Felony charges and 4 children.

Q) My name is Erick and I am looking for employment. I have past Felony charges and I have 4 children. I am in need of a steady income in order to supply and support my children. could someone please help me with this. I am using my Mom’s computer and her email. I am currently homeless and my mom is trying to help me with finding work.

A) I’m sorry to hear about the difficult situation you’re in, Erick. Finding employment can be challenging, especially with a criminal record. However, there are resources and organizations that can help.

One option is to look for jobs that are willing to hire individuals with criminal records. These can include temp agencies, non-profits, and organizations that are part of the “ban the box” movement, which advocates for removing the criminal history question from job applications.

Another option is to seek out job training and education programs that can help you develop new skills and increase your chances of finding employment. Community colleges, vocational schools, and government-funded programs can be good resources for this.

You can also look for assistance with housing and childcare, which can make it easier to focus on finding a job. Contacting your local government or non-profit organizations in your area that provide assistance to people in need can be helpful in this regard.

It’s important to keep in mind that finding employment may take time and effort, but there are resources available to help you.

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