My experience at Laramie WY unemployment office – Cynthia

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Cynthia S. C,,,
Your Experience: My husband injured his back on August 4th 2014. In November, his FML leave ran out and he has been unemployed since. Since November he has placed 14 calls to the unemployment office and waited well over 1hr each time he called. I work the same hours that the unemployment office is open and since his surgery, my husband cannot drive. I have exhausted all of my leave time driving him to appointments and cannot take any more time off of work. We have no way of physically getting to the local office. We are barely scraping by on my income alone (and running up debt to keep our family fed and housed in the meantime) and are extremely frustrated that we cannot get past the automated system when we call. We have several questions about the application and therefore cannot complete it online. It would be a miracle if we could get through to a living person on the phone. Someone answering the phone would be great, but any sort of response would marginally acceptable at this point.


Cynthia S……..
Your Unemployment Office City: Laramie
Your Unemployment Office State: WY
Your Wait Time: Still Waiting

Time: January 9, 2015 at 2:36 pm

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