My experience at Murrieta CA unemployment office – Anonymous

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Anonymous
Your Experience: Disappointed would be the most polite way I could describe my experience with the Murrieta CA office. Reluctant to visit the office in person, my worst concerns were realized. Once I signed in I was told that I needed to register on the website to receive services after which I could meet with someone who could assist me further. No problem, sign me up. Once I was ‘registered’ I returned to the front desk where a different employee was sitting having a general conversation with a coworker. I was then informed that I’d have to schedule an appointment for the use of any services, but that I was welcome to use the computers. Really, what a waste! While I was willing to wait and speak with someone who could answer my questions, the individual at the desk did not want to hear about my situation or circumstances. There was no offer to help or to assist me to determine the type of service I could best use from the office. Not even an offer the help me determine who I needed to make an appointment with. I left very frustrated with the whole process.

Perhaps my expectations were too high. But it would have been more helpful to interact with someone who was interested in providing assistance. While I could be mistaken, I was under the impression that the office existed to help those looking for employment. Instead I spoke with someone who appeared as if he did not want to be at the reception desk – serving the ‘customer’ was not something he was interested in doing. I am more than capable of using the internet, but my situation is such that I really needed to speak with someone familiar with some of the  programs offered. If this is the type of assistance one can expect from this office, I’d recommend moving the computers to a library and close the office. Nothing would be missed. There was little assistance for me – at least worth my time to visit the office in person.
Your Unemployment Office City: Murrieta
Your Unemployment Office State: CA
Your Wait Time: 30 min

Time: July 2, 2015 at 4:34 pm

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